ÖIF Teaching Material

The experts at the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) have developed an abundance of teaching material.

ÖIF teaching material at a glance

  • Literacy teaching material
  • Exercise material “Herzlich Willkommen”
  • Regional studies teaching material
  • “Land der Lieder”: songbooks with CD
  • Austria – audio stories

"Winning Together - Connecting through Football"

In cooperation with the children's book author, Karin Ammerer, Vastic and the Austrian Integration Fund have published the football book, "Gemeinsam gewinnen wir - Fußball verbindet" (Winning together - Connecting through football). The stories help young readers confront prejudices against other cultures and the issue of "foreignness".

The book is particularly appropriate for classes with a high percentage of non-native German speakers, raising the issue of prejudice, fostering dialogue and cooperation, and counteracting marginalization. The football book is aimed at children between the ages of nine and twelve.

"Ivo's Tipps"

Readers will find sports tips from Ivica Vastic throughout the book. Ivo also provides children with valuable background information and talks about his own experiences regarding integration.

The corresponding teaching material is available in German in the download section on the right.

The book is available in the ÖIF Shop.

Literacy teaching material

The two-part teaching material, “Alpha 123”, was developed especially for the needs of adult learners – unlike the frequently used elementary school material. The primary goal is teaching writing with the Latin alphabet. The “basic course” involves graphomotor work with letters, phonetics, writing and reading worksheets, various exercises to reinforce acquired skills as well as speech prompts. The additional section for trainers contains further exercise material as well as detailed instructions on how to produce picture, word, and letter cards.

The literacy teaching material can be found under downloads on the right.

Regional studies teaching material

The regional and social studies teaching material includes workbooks on public administration and on the Austrian political system, on the Austrian states and the European Union, as well as a collection of frequently required forms and documents. The teaching material was specially developed for use with the Integration Agreement. It is particularly appropriate for use in German integration courses.

The regional studies teaching material can be found under downloads on the right.

“Land der Lieder” – songbooks with CD

Music facilitates exposure to a foreign language and culture; it sensitizes listening and fosters non-verbal comprehension. The ÖIF has developed two songbooks especially for use in German courses, schools, and kindergartens: 

  • “Land der Lieder 1” for children up to 10 years old, 
  • “Land der Lieder 2” for adolescents 10 years and older and adults.

A CD with approximately 30 songs accompanies both songbooks. The volumes also include detailed information about the lyrics, melodies, songwriters, and integration relevant information about Austrian culture.

Teaching material for the two volumes and special worksheets for volume 1 can be found under downloads on the right.

The songbooks are available in the shop.

Austria – audio stories

Twelve audio stories tell about the daily life of a Turkish family living in Vienna on the ÖIF audio CD and workbook. German learners accompany the five members of the Yilmaz family, who come from Turkey, through their daily life in Austria. The everyday, Austrian-based, practical audio and workbook material at the A2 level raises different linguistic, social, and cultural challenges that people with migrant backgrounds have to deal with in Austria. The workbook and CD are directed toward adult learners at the basic level. The exercise format of the worksheets is partially oriented toward the ÖIF test and the worksheets are, therefore, most effective for use in German integration courses and as preparation for the ÖIF-Test.




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